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Souris Valley Museum



Support the Museum

Support the Souris Valley Museum through the Friends of the Museum Membership program or by giving a donation!

Membership Prices:
Individual: $20.00
Family: $35.00

Annual Donation Categories
Patron: $1,000.00 +
Benefactor: $500.00—$999.00
Sponsor: $300.00—$499.00
Contributor: $100.00—$299.00Print off a membership and donation form to send in your contribution today!


Seeking Exhibit Sponsorship

The Souris Valley Museum is seeking sponsors to contribute to the Museum’s redisplay project.

The Museum is currently working on redeveloping all displays. Each of their displays, which are set up in a room/shop style, are being redisplayed to create an actual room/shop with flooring, decorated walls and a ceiling. The displays are being incorporated into semi-structures. This method of display provides greater context and atmosphere, resulting in increased visitor enjoyment and improved learning.

Exhibit sponsors are welcome to sponsor a specific room or shop. The sponsor’s logo will be added to the Museum’s Exhibit sponsorship wall beside the name of the display they sponsored. The redisplay is being completed in several phases over several years.

To become a sponsor please email